comprenne qui voudra

by Alberto Polo Iañez

A stream in Tomtor, Russia, that never freezes because of the hot springs. The vapor, coming out continuously, freezes instantly over the trees all around, creating very bizarre shapes. Томтор, as it’s called in Russian, is a small town situated inside the Pole of the Cold, the world’s coldest inhabited place, where the January’s average temperature is -50°C. 

Dane Dehaan in The Aliens (2010)

Where the Wild Things Are (2009) dir. Spike Jonze
"Of course the sun won’t always be here to keep us warm. It,  like all things, will die… "
Anonymous: and how about mgmt and pond and beach fossils and diiv and tame impala?

i love love love tame impala and beach fossils (they remind me so much of the summer) and i like pont and mgmt quite a lot. and i do like diiv, but not as much as the other bands, i barely even listen to them these days.

Anonymous: Who is your icon?

my icon is the lovely stephen pastel from the band the pastels

Anonymous: do you like the beatles?

yes!! they’re definitely not my favorite band and i think john lennon was kind of shitty as a person, but i do love their records very much


Karolina Maria Dudek | Tumblr

Second night camping spot. Somewhere near Wanaka, New Zealand